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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Chapter 26

Bean, you got lucky.  I think we both did.  It doesn’t even matter that Roman is Alex’s brother or that his other brothers can’t seem to keep their feet out of their mouths.  When Roman sets his mind to something he really means it. 

I’m warm.  Really warm.  And on all sides not just the one that is backed up to the fireplace or stove.  When he said that he’d give me furs he wasn’t exaggerating.  And he said I could sew them anyway I wanted to.  First I made a fur hat like I’d once seen in a magazine picture.  He said the fur that I picked for it was rabbit.  I didn’t know rabbits could be so soft.  The only rabbits I remember were short-haired and scruffy looking … and rabbits bite I remember that much too.  When I said that to Roman he said animals generally have different furs during the winter than they do during the summer which is why most of the fur trade is done in winter furs.  When I told him that the rabbit fur was appropriate for a hat because I bite too he laughed.  I made him laugh Bean.  I don’t think I’ve ever made anyone laugh, at least not like that. 

Next I made a blanket, it’s taken a couple of days but I finally finished it.  It was interesting trying to fit the different furs together like a jigsaw puzzle.  I lined it with an old blanket that I found in a bag of throw offs that Peter brought.  That was a scene. 

“We aren’t charity!” Roman snapped at Peter. 

“You sure as hell are.  Or so says Mom.  She and the Four Terrors went over to the church’s poor closet and took out what could be spared.” 

They went back and forth until I told them to stop or they could wipe up the puke from all the acid in my stomach because you didn’t like the noise they were making. 

“I can work with this Roman.  This is about like what Mother Mary would throw at us when she thought about it.” 

Peter scowled.  “Are you comparing my mother to your pimp?” 

“No.  Just what she did which can’t be denied so don’t try.  Guess what Roman is teaching me?” 

He gave a nasty grin and said, “I’d a thought it would be the other way around.” 

“Peter, you’re a jerk.  No wonder you’re just second-hand help.  Mr. Beauchamp and David must have to dig you out of so many holes your mouth gets you into that they are lucky they don’t have civil unrest on their hands.” 

“What the hell?  Now listen here you …” 

“He’s teaching me to cook.” 

“I … uh … Roman is teaching you to cook?” 

“Yeah.  My understanding is most men are stupid about that stuff and won’t learn because it is women’s work.  But not Roman.  He’s really good and he’s a good teacher.  He don’t yell and snarl and snap or anything like that.  Not even when I burnt toast that first time I tried to help.” 

“Uh … yeah well … Roman … I gotta go, can’t babysit you two all day.” 

After Peter had lit out for the enclave proper Roman stopped and asked me, “How do you do that?” 

“Do what?” 

“Get rid of them so fast?  I’ve been trying to do that for years and usually anything I try just winds up making them hang out longer and be more irritating.” 

“Haven’t you noticed yet?  It’s my one and only talent … running people off.”  Suddenly I was depressed for no reason.  “You’ll figure it out and then you’ll be running off.” 

“Hey … I don’t break promises and …”  He stopped and looked at me.  “You don’t feel good do you?  You are that funny color again.  C’mon, back to bed.” 

“I’m not a kid Roman.” 

“No but you’re making a kid and if you listen to my sisters it’s the damn hardest job on the planet next to raising them to behave right.” 

“I’m not sure I can do that.” 


“Teaching Bean to behave so that they can get along with real people.” 

“Oh don’t worry about that.  We’ll figure that out together when the time comes.  For right now what I’m figuring out is that you need more rest.  And if you don’t mind while you’re resting I’m going hunting.  I want to try that liver out on you.” 

“Uh Roman …” 

“Trust me Thorn.” 

Strangest thing Bean.  I’m pretty sure I do.



  1. Love this story Kathy thanks.

  2. What a sweet story! Just started this one and already caught up lol. And I told myself I wasn't going to start another one too but just couldn't help it :) I really do like this one and hope to see mooaarrrr soon!