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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Chapter 14

Two women were waiting when Roman hauled me over to this little place that sat back from some of the other houses on an old style cul de sac.  “Roman?” the younger of the two asked. 

“Can you get the door open Missy?  If I put her down I’m not sure if she’ll run or fall down.” 

I pinched him and he snapped, “Ow!  Stop that!” 

“I told you I’ll fight.” 

“Well you don’t have any reason to so knock it off.  I’ve got enough bruises to last me for a while.  And you are going to mind me one way or the other.  I won’t like it but I will tie you down so Missy and Regina can look you over.  You … you don’t look good.” 

“What business is it of yours?” 

Carefully carrying me in he said, “OK, if you won’t do it for yourself then do it for … do it for Bean.” 

That stopped me.  “What do you mean?” 

“I mean you don’t look good.  Missy and Regina know what they are doing.  And you’re going to have a baby but it is too soon for the baby to come and … and you don’t look good.” 

“Oh.  They won’t … won’t …” 

“Won’t what?” 

“Give me something to make Bean go away or something like that to make things easy on your family?” 

The older woman hoarsely whispered, “Dear God in Heaven of course not.”   

Roman looked at her and said, “She’s … she’s had it rough and some of it at Alex’s hands.  Just cut her some slack.  I’ll be right outside.”  He turned to me and growled, “Do not give them problems.  If you do I’ll come right in and tie you down like I said.  Understand?” 

The younger woman snapped, “Roman!” 

“Honestly Missy … just … just …” 

I said quietly, “I’ll make a deal … I’ll … I’ll be still if they promise not to hurt Bean.” 

All the anger drained out of Roman and he said, “Deal.  But just understand this, the idea has never been to hurt Bean.  OK?” 

I shrugged.  “You just make sure they stick to the deal.” 

The older woman – Regina – asked, “Who … uh …” 

“It’s what she calls the baby so don’t call it an ‘it’ or anything like that, she gets fussy and uncooperative.  And don’t bring up Alex.  That is for Dad and Saul to deal with.  It’ll get hashed out as soon as Saul makes his report.  Where is Alex?  I need to talk to him.” 

“You … you better talk to David about that first.  Your mother is terribly upset.” 

“Mother is always upset.  But fine, I will … just as soon as I make sure Thorn is going to behave.” 

I am not easily embarrassed but having those two women undress me and check me out like a couple of doctors did.  I’m not sure why but it did.  To cover my feelings I said, “So you’re Missy, Saul’s wife.” 

“Well yes, how did you know?” 

“Roman and Fletcher said I needed to watch my mouth around you.” 

From outside the door Roman said, “About her … but around her applies too.” 

I rolled my eyes.  “About.  Around.  It’s the same thing.  Watch my p’s and q’s.” 

Missy said, “You can talk freely around me.” 

I looked at her and said, “No I can’t.  You want me to but … but there’s stuff I could say you don’t need to hear.  You look too new.” 

“What does that mean?” 

“Something you probably wouldn’t understand and I don’t want to explain.  It just basically means that … that you … don’t really know the way life really works.  And besides, I’m not fool enough to get in that guy Saul’s way.  He wouldn’t like what I could tell you and that’s enough for me.” 

“Don’t be ridiculous.  How far along did you say you were?” 

“Far along?  Oh, you mean how long I’ve had Bean inside me?  About six months.  I can give you the exact day it happened if you hand me my bag.  I worked a calendar out so I could keep track.” 

Regina, the older woman, gingerly handed my bag to me.  “It’s ok,” I told her.  “It’s clean.  Or mostly clean.  My mother made …” 

I could have kicked myself all over again but I didn’t think anyone was paying attention so I shut up and opened up my bag and was just about to pull out the scrap pieces of paper I had cut out of a magazine when there was a knock on the door.  “They done with her?  Uncle Shad is chewing horseshoes and spitting nails.” 

Missy complained, “No we aren’t finished.” 

Someone else said, “Too bad.  Uncle Shad says now.” 

“This is …” 

I saw the older woman glance at Missy in a silent warning and being more than ready to be done with their brand of doctoring I said, “No sense in putting it off.  Better to know sooner rather than later how fast I’m going to have to hit the road.” 

I was up and out of there before the two women could stop gobbling in protest.  My fight carried me into the outer room and down the steps of the little house and out into the dark yard.  But then I felt something pull and I stumbled.  Roman was there but I tried to make him let go of my arm.  “You will either let me hold your arm or I will carry you.  That’s the only two options you have.” 

“Oh don’t start that again.” 

Missy had followed us out and I explained, “There is something wrong with him.  I think he got dropped on his head or something.  He’s being … nice.” 

“Roman … is being nice.” 

“Yes!  And it is going to get him into trouble and while he is just a man I guess I don’t want him to get into trouble so tell him to knock it off.  Maybe he’ll listen to you.” 

From the dark someone said, “Roman rarely listens to anyone so don’t bother wasting your breath or my time.” 

Missy was shocked.  “Saul!” 

I told her, “You do that a lot.  You must not have a lot of experience with men.  They always go their own way.  All you can do is kinda guide them ever so often.” 

Roman snorted but didn’t slow down.  “You don’t need to tell Missy that.  She guides the whole enclave 24/7.” 

“Well if she can then more power to her.  But from my experience it doesn’t do a whole lot of good and is a waste of energy most of the time.  Men do what men do and that’s all there is to it.” 

That’s when Saul took my other arm and I got scared.  It felt like when Brian would grab me and march me to Mother Mary’s office.  I leaned away from him and he said, “Relax Kid.  No one is going to eat you.” 

“I’m not a kid!” 

“Uh huh,” he said on a sigh.  “Roman find a chair and stick her in it and keep an eye on her before she falls flat or starts puking again.  And Missy,” he stopped and changed his tone.  “Maybe some of that tea?” 

“Of course Darling.” 

I couldn’t help it.  “Ew.” 

Roman said quietly, “Yeah it do get a little nauseating ever so often.  Just ignore it, the rest of us do.” 

I looked at him to let him know that his crazy was showing again but all he did was what Saul told him to … put me in a chair and watch me.



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