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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Chapter 7

“Yeah,” I told him.  “I’ve heard that before.” 

The other man was silent.  “Think what you want but … I’m not like that.” 

“Bull.  Every man is like that.”  But something whispered that maybe not, maybe I was wrong.  Maybe if he reminded me of Tim in one way he was like Tim in other ways.  Against my better judgment I added softly, “But maybe … maybe some men are less like that than others.  Just … just keep your hands off me.” 

Sounding like he was doing his best to control his emotions he said, “OK, so long as you don’t try and run off.” 

“I don’t see why you care but … but I’ll make a deal with you.  You let me have my bag.  Let me take this blindfold off while we talk … and I won’t run.” 

The man snorted, “Not a lot of chance that you’d get far anyway but ok, you have a deal.”  He sighed as I blinked the grit out of my eyes.  “I’m … my name is Roman Beauchamp.  What’s yours?  I heard Alex call you … er …” 


“Yeah … right,” he said obviously not convinced. 

Wondering what the heck the brothers seemed to have with names I told him, “Look, that’s the name I’ve had long enough it will take me a while to answer to any other but if you don’t like it pick something else.  It doesn’t matter.” 

He got quiet then said, “The baby.” 

“What about it?” 

“Is … is Alex the father?” 

That struck me as almost hysterically funny but I tried to keep my response down to a chuckle.  “Alex … he made me pregnant but he’ll never be the father.  If you don’t know him better than that by now …”  Suddenly I was puking again only there wasn’t anything left to come up. 

I would have fallen in a pool of my own bile if Roman hadn’t stopped me from tipping forward.  He handed me a wet bandana and for a moment I hesitated. 

“It’s just water.  Wash and wipe your face.”  It was an obvious order but not the kind I normally hear.  It was like he resented being forced to be … kind or whatever you want to call it.  There was real anger and frustration as well that only increased as he demanded details of what connection Alex and I had.  I told him as little as I dared.  I didn’t lie, I’d already decided I needed to set a better example for you.  Besides you only need to lie if you are weak and I avoid that position as much as I can.  But I don’t consider holding things back lying, I just don’t think he is entitled to the whole story. 

Finally he muttered in disgust, “You’re … you’re a prostitute.” 

“Your tongue won’t fall off if you say the word.  Besides that’s only one thing that people have called me.” 

Ignoring my jab Roman growled, “Given all the money that Alex has been siphoning off the business you would figure you’d be able to pay for better housing that what I saw you in.” 

I almost laughed in his face but instead decided to educate Mr. Roman Beauchamp on how things worked in the real world … or at least in my real world.  When I finished he looked at me in shock and shook his head like he couldn’t … or maybe wouldn’t … believe it.  Given the men I am used to Roman’s ignorance seemed hard to believe.  This time it was me that shook my head and I told him, “Maybe you are as simple as Alex made you out to be.  Everyone knows how things like this work.” 

“Like hell they do.  And that’s NOT how we do things at home.  Dad really will kill Alex at this rate.” 

I ignored his outrage because I wasn’t sure how real it was, but something he said caught my attention. “If they don’t  … I mean how do they do them where you’re from?” 

Rather than answering me he snapped, “We’re decent people!” 

“Oh.  You mean you don’t have any whores or loose women where you live.” 

He opened his mouth like he was going to pop off again but then closed it real slow.  “Things just aren’t handled so … so …” 

“Out in the open?  Publically?  You don’t have laws about this stuff where you live?” 

“Not like in the city, no.  People have some sha … uh …” 

“Shame.  You were going to say shame.” 


I nodded.  “Fine.” 

“What do you mean fine?” 

“I mean that I know where I stand.  Would … would your family take it out on a kid?  I mean a kid doesn’t have a choice.” 

“You’re a kid?  How old are you?!” 

“Not me and none of your business.  I’m talking about the baby.  I’m looking for a place where I can make sure the baby will be safe.  If it isn’t around where you’re dragging me off to I need to know.  I’m never going back to the way things were but if I need to keep moving …” 

With absolute intent he told me, “The only moving you’re doing is to my family.  Dad will decide the rest of it.” 

“You’re father doesn’t own me.  We don’t have a contract or a deal or anything even approaching that.  And I stole myself away from the ones that would have a right to tell me what I had to do back in the city … and with luck they’re all dead or they think I’m dead and I don’t have to worry about them sending runners after me or anything.  Besides, aren’t you a little too old for … well …” 

“What the hell are you talking about?” 

“Alex makes it seem like … well … your father …” 

“Dad is the leader of our enclave.  After him comes David and Saul.  You’ll have to deal with them too and for that I almost feel as sorry for you as I do for Alex.  They aren’t the easiest to deal with even on their good days.” 

Thinking that was like the pot calling the kettle black if even half of what Alex had told me was true I did a little thinking and put two and two together.  “David is the oldest brother.  Saul is a cousin.” 

Hearing me Roman growled, “What the hell has Alex been blabbing?” 

I stepped back away from the menace.  “Probably more than he realizes and a lot less than you think.  Mostly all he did after a while was want someone to complain to that couldn’t talk back.  He expected me to listen and agree with him or …” 


Rolling my eyes at his continued refusal to see the obvious I answered, “You figure it out.” 

I was getting tired and suddenly Roman became even more irritated.  “We don’t have time for all this stupid drama.  Stay here with Sleeping Beauty while I go get the horses.  I won’t be long and then we ride.  We’ve got a long way to go yet.  And from here on out it is off road.”


  1. Thank you, I tried to hold off starting a new one, but couldn't help myself lol.

  2. GREAT story Kathy looking forward to more, Thanks for sharing your gift and time with us.